This is a nice easy dish to take to a party or have at a family gathering. To make this recipe vegan, substitute hummus for the cream cheese, or, to go in the other

direction, add a thin layer of smoked ham or smoked salmon after the cheese.


 4   whole wheat flour Tortillas    25cm ( 10” )     substitute another    

     flavour if you wish

1 tub   227g   herb and garlic Cream Cheese   or your choice

2 c   baby Spinach   loose   rough chopped

½ c   red Pepper

½ c   red Onion   or green Onion or Chives   minced fine

½ c   Celery   julienned

½ c   Carrot   julienned

¼ c   fresh Parsley   chopped fine

coarse black Pepper


all firm veggies should be julienned ( except the onions )   cut in very thin

strips – like matchsticks or thinner

spread a thin layer of cheese over the whole surface of the tortilla then add     the spinach

lay all the julienned toppings in the same direction   not too much on each     one or they won’t roll  

add the chopped onion   spread all over the surface of         the tortilla   add a grind or two of pepper   no salt

roll tightly  carefully so as not to tear the tortilla   wrap tightly in plastic wrap

     and refrigerate until ready to serve   a couple of hours is best

unwrap carefully and slice into 1.25cm ( ½” ) portions.

Don’t make the roll-ups too far ahead. They will get soggy after a few hours. Keep them cooled. RJH.