These tarts are very flavourful and they smell great when they’re baking. Serve them warmed or at room temperature. You’ll need 24 pre-baked tart shells.


2 tbsp Butter

1 c Walnut pieces

3 c   Apples   chopped small   peeled or not

1 c   dried Cranberries   chopped

1 c   Raisins   chopped

1 oz   Brandy   substitute Apple juice if desired  

¾ c   Apple Sauce   unsweetened

½ c   Brown Sugar   packed

¼ c   Cranberry Sauce   homemade or commercial

½ tsp   Nutmeg ground

½ tsp   Thyme dried   crushed

1 c   Water

1 c   Sour Cream                                    

2 tbsp   Lemon and/or Orange Zest   fresh   finely grated  

1 tbsp   Flour

1 c   Whipped Cream


melt butter on med. heat in a 30cm ( 12” ) non-stick frying pan  

add walnuts and toast slightly for 5 minutes stir frequently as they will

     burn if left unattended   remove to a plate or bowl to cool

add apples, cranberries, and raisins add brandy if using  continue cooking at medium heat for another 5 minutes   uncovered   stir frequently

add the next six ingredients   simmer quietly for 15 minutes to let the water evaporate   reduce heat if necessary   stir occasionally

stir in the sour cream and zest then sprinkle in the flour   stir well, then simmer for 10 minutes   stir occasionally

cool before putting in baked tart shells   reheat, if you like, when ready to serve   top with whipped cream

I like to use golden raisins for this dish. You use what you like. Sultanas work well too. RJH.