a recipe from

The Gilmore House Inn

Westport, Ontario, Canada.


Gilmore’s Smoked Salmon Sandwich

Ingredients:                                                                                 serves 1                                

4-6 oz   smoked salmon   sliced thin     thaw if frozen   use at room temperature

6-9 slices   English cucumber   sliced very thin   ( number will vary by size of cucumber and bread )

2 leaves   iceberg or other fairly mild lettuce   crisp

1 slice   creamy Havarti cheese

1-2 tbsp   mild red onion   raw   sliced very thin ( almost shaved )

1 tbsp   Tartar sauce   ( more or less to taste )

2 slices of your favourite bread or a Ciabatta roll or bagel   ( something that can be toasted )

salt and pepper to taste

remove the smoked salmon from the refrigerator ½ hour ahead and allow to come to room temperature   you don’t want it cold but don’t heat it either - that changes the flavour

build the sandwich filling on a plate or board     without the toast   in this order

         sliced Havarti   lettuce   smoked salmon   sliced onion   sliced cucumber

toast the bread or Ciabatta roll or bagel   butter one or both sides

spread one side with Tartar sauce

add salt and pepper to taste

lift the filling with a spatula onto the side without the Tartar sauce   cover

cut and serve while the toast is still warm


 substitutions are recommended   change it up – it’s your sandwich

 use a Panini maker to toast the bread or roll

use smoked trout or other mildly smoked fish

use a stronger cheese if you like – Emmenthal or Gruyere - not too strong though or you overpower the fish

substitute the cucumber for thin sliced radishes or tomato or use all three

I like a mild lettuce for this but feel free to use a stronger or a bitter green or baby spinach


Enjoy.                                                                                                                  RJH