a recipe from

The Gilmore House Inn

Westport, Ontario, Canada.


Rainbow Pickerel

Ingredients:                                                                                             serves 4

2-4   pickerel fillets     about 1 kilo raw weight   deboned and skinned

6-8 c   baby spinach   raw

1   each red, orange, yellow, purple mini peppers   sliced into very thin rings

6-8   mushrooms     sliced very thin

1/4 c   red onion   sliced very thin

12   mini grape or other mini tomatoes     red     quartered lengthwise

2 tbsp   parsley     fresh     chopped fine

2 tbsp     butter     softened     substitute margarine if necessary

salt and pepper   ( optional )

you’ll need a sheet pan with parchment paper     sprayed with non-stick spray

pre heat the oven to 400º F           rack in centre position

in 1/4 tsp dollops distribute half the butter onto the parchment     smooth it out with a spoon or spatula

spread the spinach over the parchment

lay the fish in a single layer onto the spinach

distribute the pepper rings, mushroom slices, red onion and tomatoes evenly over the fish

in 1/4 tsp dollops distribute the remaining butter over the top

add salt and pepper if using

bake at 400º for 15 min

serve hot with multigrain rice and Tartar sauce

( okay so it’s not all the colours of the rainbow but colourful none the less )

Enjoy                                                                                                          RJH